Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Well I cant think where this track is going to go, so I'll just stay up again tonight, planning, watching videos, and for one night only, bricking it about my exam results in the morning. Good luck to all who may read this.

Initial Thoughts While Making This Blog Site.

First off, without sounding misrable, those word verification things are the biggest pain on the internet. Half of them you can't read, and half of them are in languages or symbols you probably didn't know existed, and probably still don't, seeing as you have only ever seen one word from the foremention language.

Thats my sort of mini rant thing over, I just want to give the idea of what this blog is actually about! As you clearly read in my bio (you did, right?), I write music, mix music, and do all sorts of music related things. I found myself trying to write something earlier, and thinking, this track is proving to be more difficult than anticipated... You know what I need? A Distraction. If only I had a running blog to distract me or something where I could note down everything I think while I write. And so here we are. This blog, to summarise, is acting as a small break when I'm writing music.

I'll be noting down everything that pops into my head while I listen, write, or even when I'm plan what I will be doing music related. Saying that, the blog will not be containing how I write my music, as stated, it will be just about my thoughts. So things that confuse me, when I find a synth I like, or one that I detest, any thoughts or feelings.

So my first thought, as I listen to my iPod at 00:05 on Thursday morning, 'is my iPod not on shuffle, this is the 5th Enter Shikari song or remix in a row now? Oh wait, here's owl city, thanks for keeping the mood flowing iPod!'